Why Condor and Cheetah?

Andean condor

No fence between us and the cheetah. No zoom lens - that's how close we were!

No fence between us and this cheetah. No zoom lens – that’s how close we were!

These are the two iconic animals of the places we are visiting on our great adventures. Condors grace the skies of the Andean mountains of South America. Cheetahs sprint across the Namibian savannah. Both are incredibly beautiful and powerful, and both are endangered species. We are blessed to have this time with them.


Beginning this blog at the end of our time in South America and the start of our time in Africa, we intend to write more about our experiences in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile as time goes on. But for now, we begin with the present – Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), Otjiwarongo, Namibia.


4 thoughts on “Why Condor and Cheetah?

  1. lonna

    i’m following your exciting adventures with now, the beautiful and most graceful cheetah – but
    condors sure are graceful too. hugs to you both , lonna

  2. daddy-o

    you certainly have a way with words and the camera. keep on truckin’ to the sweet tunes of life, with love and gratitude in your hearts. We love it, and the positive flavor it leaves in our lives.

  3. Susy stewart

    What a grand adventure! Thank you for sharing it. Yoga starts again this week. We’ll miss you. Namaste, and safe travels, susy

  4. dee and steve

    jenna, chris,
    we are loving your pictures and the story of your adventure. keep them coming. i think your dad said it well..keep it up. love love d and s


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