Home Sweet Home

Our home at CCF

Our home at CCF

Today we left the center with CCF’s heroic director, Dr. Laurie Marker, and drove about 2 hours southwest to a small town called Omaruru, the up and coming crystal capitol of Namibia. We dropped off the wine grapes from yesterday’s harvest at a small winery there and met the lovely people who run it. What a treat to have the day with Laurie to brainstorm about projects at CCF, see the beautiful dry Namibian countryside, and pass several large families of baboons.


5 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. LGD

    Yea, your blog is here! Thanks for keeping us posted on your adventures and the great work you’re doing. That little house is so cute! Wishing you all the best on your adventure. Love, Liat & Ryan

  2. dee and steve

    How amazing that we can all share in this adventure!!! We love your home and seeing the land and animals. Thanks, Jenna and Chris. We love you.
    s and dee

  3. Megan

    Thanks for keeping this wee blog! I am thrilled to live your adventures vicariously as I plan my own for the coming year. Can’t wait to visit. Love you guys, Megan

  4. Mimi Mullen

    I’m a friend of your parents and your Dad is sharing your blog on his Facebook page. What an amazing adventure the two of you are having and thanks for sharing the awesome pictures and some details of life there. The garden sounds like a real challenge considering the climate, but is a wonderful gift to the staff. Love the blog. Regards, Mimi Mullen


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