Puppies for Cheetahs!

Two-day-old puppy who will grow up to save cheetahs.

Two-day-old puppy who will grow up to save cheetahs.

CCF has a very innovative Livestock Guarding Dog Program which helps protect cheetahs and fosters good relationships between CCF and farmers. Here at the center, we are breeding Anatolian Shepherds. These cute little puppies grow up to be very big and have a big bark. When the dog is placed with a herd of small livestock (goats and sheep), it keeps predators like cheetahs and leopards away. This way the farmer can be confident that his livestock is safe and therefore is not inclined to shoot a cheetah.

Lucky me, 7 new puppies were born on my birthday this past week to new mom, Heidi. She’ll take good care of her puppies until they are in their 9th week, and then the puppies will be place with farms in cheetah habitat. There is a 2-year waiting list to receive an Anatolian Shepherd from CCF!

New mom Heidi nursing her baby Anatolian Shepherds.

New mom Heidi nursing her baby Anatolian Shepherds.

CCF's herd with guard dog Aleya.

CCF’s herd with guard dog Aleya.

CCF's herder Armas with guard dog Aleya.

CCF’s herder Armas with guard dog Aleya.

Mini-farm site fully covered in manure.

Mini-farm site fully covered in manure.

The mini-farm is coming along, slowly but surely. We ran out of aged horse manure about 1/3 of the way through and our use of onsite available resources has created a fun patchwork experiment. See the patchwork in the photo? We’ll be growing in horse manure, kraal manure (sheep and goat), Bushblok wood dust (more on that later), and extremely aged kraal manure. We’ll see how it goes. Next step: waiting for the tractor in the shop to be fixed so we can open up the ground.

Sunset on my birthday.

Sunset on my birthday.

Cheetah Amani having eye surgery to treat an ulcer on her cornea.

Cheetah Amani having eye surgery to treat an ulcer on her cornea.

Friendly goat in CCF's herd.

Friendly goat in CCF’s herd.



9 thoughts on “Puppies for Cheetahs!

  1. dee and steve

    We have been loving the pictures and pour over each one looking at the details and all the elements. These are precious with such amazing animals, the guard dogs. What a job they have! I wish all people and all animals/creatures had at least this care that your cheetahs are getting. Wouldn’t that change the world? We love you both so very much and send all our prayers for your continued safety….dee and steve

  2. lonna

    happy birthday dear jenna. what birthday gifts- puppies and an outstanding sunset. i love your manure experiments – and i see you are learning the art of patience. i, too, am working on that. think about you both as i walk around our beautiful muir beach. xxoo

  3. Doreen Kulback

    Congratulations to Heidi – and good luck to all of you with your new venture. It is so amazing what you are involved in; you must find your lives enjoyable and extremely fulfilling knowing you are doing such a fantastic work to help the farmers and save the Cheetahs. May you all stay healthy and happy. much love to you and Chris, Jenna from your Grandma.

  4. adella

    awwwww what a glorious celebration the earth had in store for you!!!! i love you jenna; this looks like heart work, the best kind. you’re both in my heart every day. happiest of all birthday weeks (since i’m late) and a huge hug!

  5. loren-madi

    jenna!!!!! how wonderful, just talked with your dad and threse and they gave me this news about your blog. i am sooooo happy for you, what an amazing choice you’ve made. i wanted to get back in touch with you, and seem to have lost your email, happens to me all the time. i also looked for you on skype, but no luck there either. your dad skyped me this morning and we spent about an hour on the telecamera, catching up, so i have all their news and vice versa. it was just great to connect with them this way.

    but back to your blog, and more specifically, the incredible photo of the moonrise. i am loving that photo and wondering if i could have your permission to make it, i think it’s called a profile picture, you know, the large horizontal that appears at the top of the home page……that was a very very long question, right?

    happy belated birthday, keep making these entries, i love reading them! love love love, Lori

  6. sarajane

    Hello dear friends, I just took a look at Condor and Cheetah for the first time. I am amazed! And so proud! Thanks for keeping us in the loop with the big wide world. I recently read an old Nat. Geographic article about an elephant sanctuary in northern Kenya that was so well written & beautifully evocative of the delicate relationships between humans and animals. It reminded me of you when I read it, even though i hadn’t yet any clue about what you were up to over there. So glad that you get to be under that big moon soaking up some of the earth’s diversity. Sending love from snowy Pennsylvania. xox


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